December/ACOTAR special edition


December boxes have finally received the pin & have been getting packed up. ALL December box orders will finish being dropped off Monday afternoon UNLESS they were purchased with a January or February box.




- Alrighttyyyy! I will be messaging our manufacturer daily to try to get a more specific time. I am waiting on our last item to arrive (our Alchemy & Ink pin) & then December boxes will ship out! I am so sorry for the delay guys. I had no idea that it would take almost 4x the normal turn around time.  This is totally on me as I should have planned & prepared better around the holidays. I am still learning & sometimes my mistakes really bite me in the ass. The pin manufacturer has told me that the pins will ship this week, more specifically on the 26th. If they do ship on the 26th I can POTENTIALLY receive them as early as the 29th. The boxes will be going out as soon as I receive the pins. Thank you guys for being so understanding!
- We are waiting on our last item to arrive & then we will be shipping these boxes out! The last item is set to arrive on the 18th. 🤍