Updates and Important Information


  • Blankets

** Tracking information
- 9/28 supplier has confirmed blanket departure via boat & supplied UPS tracking number informed tracking will update once customs is cleared. Estimated travel time to US is 20-30 days. 
- 10/24 awaiting tracking update, if no update by 10/27 will be contacting supplier to get further information
-10/26 Notified by vendor that the UPS tracking should update this week. This would mean the blankets are now traveling domestically within the US to us.
  • Dust Jackets

** Due to damage on multiple jackets of the first image the vendor has agreed to send replacements. I will post updates here as soon as I have them. 

-10/22 supplier has agreed to reprint and express ship design 1 to replace damaged products

- 10/26 supplier has confirmed production with estimated completion being 7-9 days.

 UPDATED: 10/27


Important Information

  • 10/27 The inventory is still in the process of being updated. Once we have everything reorganized and in the system we will update the website. We have found a few items that are currently not on the website or marked as sold out. We will share details of what we plan on doing with these items as well as more information about the up coming holiday inventory clearance sale.